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Comprehensive travel guides to destinations all around the world to help you travel on a budget, and find great things to do and see.

How To Find Cheap Flights

For most trips, airfare is the most expensive part of the trip. While prices for transatlantic flights have gone down in recent years, they can still put a sizeable dent in any travel budget.

How to Find Cheap Accommodation 

Accommodation is one of the biggest fixed costs travellers have and reducing that cost can lead to big savings on the road!

How to Choose a Backpack

Picking the right travel backpack is an important part in planning your trip. Pick a bag that’s too big and you’ll have too much extra weight to carry around.

Top Places To Visit

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Latest Travel Blog

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Travel bloggers

A lot of travelers like to find day trips from a particular city or hub they will be visiting.For example, here in Arizona, a lot of people look up “day trips from Phoenix” and searches like that.

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Train rides

Train rides have a romantic throwback vibe that make them a timeless classic in the world of travel blogging. You can review a specific route, or curate a list of the best train rides in a region.

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Find live music

I traveling a lot when we were younger, and one of the things we always looked for was live music in the cities we stayed in.

Trip Stories

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Jul 10, 2022
New Zealand - The Land Where Adventures Wait

New Zealand promises beautiful landscapes and serene, equally beautiful coastlines that you can drive along, listening to the sound of the surf.

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Oct 09, 2022
Colosseum, Rome

This was originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre and was mostly used as public entertainment arena. The Colosseum is one of the most famous attractions in Rome and is where most gladiatorial fights took place.

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Nov 14, 2022
Barcelona, Spain - The Paris of Spain

The city has a beautiful charm and a rich cultural significance. It is the capital city of autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain and the second largest city in Spain.

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Dec 04, 2022
Iceland - For the offbeat traveller

Amongst the most coveted travel destinations, Iceland is one of the most surreal and magnificent countries in the world. Located close to the Arctic Circle, it offers amazingly dramatic and breath-taking landscapes and exotic natural phenomena.

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